Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etsy and Photo Fun

After the purchase of my camera I needed a bag, or some way to tote it around without too much extra baggage. I'm used to a tiny fit-in-your-pocket camera. I looked high and low for something practical. I thought about buying a dslr camera purse ($60 at Best Buy) for our upcoming trip to NYC.  Then I thought I could just find the smallest camera bag that would fit it and smuggle the whole thing in my purse. I didn't really like either option. SO I see what Etsy had to offer.  For a small price I found a customizable purse insert from Seasons Totes. Wow do I LOVE it!

It fits my camera perfectly! 
(You can really see the difference between my new camera above and old camera below!)
I don't have to worry about an extra bag, my camera getting scratched in my purse, I'll have quick access to it, AND everything is super organized. No more fishing around for my ringing phone! Best thing about it- I can change it out to another purse!

On to the next topic.
I had a bit of photo & editing fun with my nephew this afternoon. 
I'm learning something new every day with my camera & Photoshop!
I love that none these are posed- just him being himself!
after getting mail with his grandma


he loves that wagon

with his uncle

this was on 20x zoom. i'm amazed by my p&s zoom & clarity, even with movement.

doesn't he have some great eyelashes?!

love my nephew

$10 clearance shorts at Target & $10 ballet flats at Charlotte Russe deserve a picture.

So much fun, can't wait to learn more.
Oh & my button is now working!


Lori said...

Give me camera. thx.

Ashley Sisk said...

SHUTUP...I think you just solved my dilemma. I'm saving this site so I can look more in the morning. I definitely could use this insert. Thank you thank you!

Vic said...

That bag is to die stylish and roomy:) I love photoshop! It's awesome and the best photographs are the ones where we catch them off guard! Love him! How adorable:) Wagons are too much fun!

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