Friday, August 27, 2010

I've Been Tagged & I'm Tagging!

I was tagged by Kaley @a tale of three poags! and Heather @ Best of Both Worlds to fill out 8 random questions then tag 8 different followers with 8 new questions. Here goes!

Kaley's questions:

1. what is your favorite recipe/thing to cook? [and feel free to share the recipe for ME to try! haha]
Since I'm still a newbie with cooking, I can't say I have a favorite yet.  BUT I did make a corn casserole last Christmas that was so super scrumptious there wasn't a crumb left.  Even my aunts,  who are good cooks, were asking me how I made it!  Of course- It wasn't hard or I wouldn't have made it! I will post that recipe soon!

2. what is your favorite hobby?
I don't have a major hobby so I would say just taking pictures. I love trying to capture the perfect moments and times of pure happiness.

3. what is the best memory with your significant other?
This is hard. But probably our last dance at our wedding. For a moment it was just us, but then all our family and friends surrounded us on the dance floor, though it still felt like nobody was in the room at all. It was amazing, perfect ending to our reception. 

Another time we are think back about was when we first met. We stayed over at a friends house- on their living room floor- and literally held hands, fingers intertwined, the WHOLE night. Both of us wanted so bad to remove our hand to sleep a bit more comfortable but we were so young (14) and thought we would hurt the others feelings - I guess. Haha. We laugh about it all the time.

4. what is the biggest life changing event you've been through?
Hmm. I really have never had a big life changing event. I guess buying my house and living on my own was  kind of life changing. At 21 I we took on a huge amount of bills and had to learn how to handle it.  Plus, I was used to living with my parents, 3 siblings, and many dogs.  It was quiet!

5. what is your favorite song? and why?
Eek.  So hard to pick.  I think "I Need You" by Leanne Rimes or "Down Came A Blackbird" by Lila Maccann. I wouldn't say these two songs are my favorite at the moment but they were my all time favorites growing up. I'd sing them at the top of my lungs- when nobody was around of course ;)  I still remember seeing Down Came A Blackbird video for the first time on my Great-Grandmothers dial TV and thinking how much I loved that song! Why? No reason in particular!

6. how do you find the time to blog?!! [give me the secret! haha]
I don't have a child! Ha. But it's actually still pretty hard to find time after work when trying to learn how to cook and do the daily chores!

7. which celeb do you get compared too most often?
I used to get Keri Russell 'Felicity' a lot, presumingly because of the curly hair but I don't see it. I forget who else, somebody just said something a couple weeks ago actually- I have a horrible memory.

8. who is the biggest influence in your life?
I can't say just one, because they're equal. My mom & dad. They started out with nothing, living in a trailer with my oldest sister.  My dad started his own business in '88 (still booming) and my mom watched us four kids while working there.  They worked so hard, every day, for what they have now- their dream home.  They gave us everything and anything we ever needed and wanted, put us through college, got us our first cars, taught us so many values & morals.  I'm very thankful they are my parents.

Heather's questions:

1. When you were a child...what did you want to be when you grew up?
A vet. My love for dogs is extreme. But then when I was older I thought of all the sad cases I would see and couldn't do it. I also wanted to be a NICU nurse, but again, I didn't want the heartaches :( 

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
HAWAII. Hubby & I have been plotting and planning forever.  We say we will go for our five year anniversary. We'll see!  Ha.

3. What is your favorite room in your house & why?
Our living room. It's so comfortable with our big Lazy Boy sofas, bay window, red brick wall, and fireplace. We spend most of our time in there. Well I mean, it DOES have the biggest TV too ;)

4. What do you to unwind or relax?
Cozy up in that living room with a good movie & glass of vino.

5. What is a favorite memory from high school?
In general- Cheerleading; being on a team, games, competition, being in shape! Lol. I miss it.

6. If you had the opportunity to go back and change something from the past would you?
Probably not. Everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today if they hadn't happened.

7. What is your favorite quote or saying & why?
"...And I thought I loved you then" (Our last dance song).  It just reminds me how far we have come when we look back and how far we still have to go, and the love just keeps growing stronger every day. (Sappy, I know) Haha.

8. When your gone, how do you want to be remembered?
Just as a kind, generous, loving person.

My questions are for:
1. Lori @ a nerd. a bird. and a pug.
2. Jessi @ Caterpillar Family
3. Kathy @ Bwak Bwak Blog
4. Ashley Sisk @ Ramblings and Photos
5. Kendra @ Living Our Love Song
6. Megan @ One Day I Will
7. Marianne @ Lucy's Human
8. Liz @ Blogging Blondie

Here are my 8 questions:
1. If you could offer a newborn child just one piece of advice, what would it be?
2. What are two goals for next year (2011)?
3. What is your best childhood memory? What makes it so special?
4. If the average human life span were 40 years old, how would you live your life differently?
5. What's your best moment of the year (2010)?
6. Who inspires you the most?
7. What activities make you lose track of time?
8. If you could do anything, or wish for anything that would come true, what would it be?

Can't wait to see your answers!


Ashley Sisk said...

I'll answer your questions but I am the world's worst for passing this along. I'll see what I can do! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I am just catching up on my blogging! I will definitely get to your questions tonight!

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